About Us

Our story.

  Our Mission.

Cofounders Adeel Yang, Mike Leong and Jake Hutt are golf enthusiasts (aka addicts). Adeel is a medical doctor turned serial entrepreneur. Mike is an ex-professional golfer turned software engineer. Jake is a PGA Class A Instructor, former golf coach at Stanford and social media influencer. Fueled by their common passion, they came together to make golf simulator technology more accessible so more people can learn golf.

make golf accessible

Our mission is to lower the barrier to entry to learn golf. Golf is an amazing sport that goes beyond hitting a golf ball into 18-holes. It teaches us about patience, composure, confidence, and sportsmanship. We believe golf should be more accessible to the world.


develop confidence

Professional-level golf simulators (like Trackman), equipment, and effective coaching can be difficult to access. We want to ensure everyone has access to technology they need to become confident golfers.

Bring people together

We have experienced the power of golf to strengthen communities, and we want to bring this element of golf to more people. Whether it’s bringing Dryvebox to events or simply to your doorstep for your family, our hope is that Dryvebox will bring communities together.