ready to play golf?

Play 90+ world famous golf courses from your driveway

Want to experience Pebble Beach, Quail Hollow, or St. Andrews without actually going there? Want to play golf even when it’s raining or snowing outside? Want to play 18-holes with your buddies after work with drinks and games? Book one of our Dryvebox locations or pay a delivery fee for the Box to come to you. See full list of courses HERE

play golf games to test your skills and compete 

TrackMan offers many games beyond virtual golf courses such as longest drive, closest to the pin, capture the flag, or TrackMan Combine so that you can challenge your friends or yourself to test your golf skills. Learn more HERE

Tournaments & Leagues

Dryvebox hosts numerous city-wide and national tournaments every year such as Long Dryve competition, singles, twosomes, foursomes 9-hole and 18-hole competitions, and closest to the pin challenges. Sign up to compete and win prizes and bragging rights.

choose what works for you

golf at your convenience

Golf is amazing. We believe golf should not be limited by location, time or weather. Rural or urban, rain or snow, day or night, we will delivery golf to you.

Golf has many barriers beyond location, time or weather. For example, it takes around 4 hours (if you’re fast) to play 18-holes. That’s a huge commitment that many of us with spouses and kids do not have the luxary for. With Dryvebox, you can get through 18-holes in one hour. That’s your next “lunch break” that you can use to play golf! 

Do you like to play golf competitively? Get involved with Dryvebox Golf League and start playing against others in your city or neighborhood. These friendly competitions not only improve your own game, they bring people together. If you just moved to a new city or neighborhood, this is a great way to meet people and find your next golf buddy or team.